Established in 2004, the Royal College Foundation (RCF) supports Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Royal College) Fellows in improving the delivery of high-quality health care in Canada. We fund Fellow-led projects in the areas of learning, leadership and community to advance, recognize and celebrate the work of specialist physicians.

Royal College Fellows make significant contributions to keeping Canadians healthy. The RCF strives to further their impact on the health sector by supporting efforts aimed to improve access to health care, physician wellness and well-being, and health outcomes for patients they serve – especially within underrepresented communities.

Fellows of the Royal College are highly trained specialists providing much needed health care services, and many of them collaborate on health care solutions and innovations. The RCF is proud to be able to support and recognize these efforts and successes.

As Canada and the world face health care challenges, the RCF is pleased to accept and consider applications from Fellows for grants to fund health care improvements within Canada.

Through the bestowing of strategic grants, the RCF supports Fellow-led projects focused on three priorities: learning, leadership and community.


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The Future of Canadian Health Care involves:

Addressing physician wellness and burnout;

Ensuring equal access to health care for underserved areas and marginalized populations, including rural and inner-city communities;

Improving health care education and skills development for specialists; and

Addressing environmental and planetary changes that have a variety of health care impacts.